5 Reasons Reusables Rock

I’ve noticed reusable nappies are more popular now even than 6 yrs ago when I used them on my first baby, people at least know what you’re on about when you say ‘reusable nappy’. Of course, as with anything it was the norm back in the day and everyone was doing it but with the advent of our disposable culture you may wonder why people bother with reusables. Here’s 5 reasons reusable nappies rock.

If you are wondering which reusable nappies to choose I have done a video about just that here.


Predictable yes, but this is my no 1 reason for being a reusable nappy fan. The thought that thousands of nappies are still festering somewhere in a hole in a ground and will outlast all of us just feels wrong!

2. Prints

The vanity is up there at point no 2! Nappies are probably the only thing I have found where the ‘boy’ prints are as cute as the ‘girl’ prints. It’s amazing how satisfying nappy shopping is! Of course my boy wears pink nappies every now and again and this leads me onto point no 3…


Yes they are cheaper than disposables.  It feels more expensive because the initial outlay is more. One reusable nappy can cost as much as a jumbo pack of 48 brand disposables but if you cost that out over the 2-3yrs of use it works out at a massive saving. They last really well so you can re-use them on any future little ones too. Hence baby boys in pink nappies (connect with other reusable nappy mums you will find they think it completely normal 😉 )


There’s something really reassuring about the thought of only using natural fibres against your brand new infant’s beautiful soft skin. There’s a wide array of choice of what the nappy is made of nowadays. I have some with a cotton inner, bamboo, and microfiber. All of which will biodegrade when they are finally finished with after 2nd, 3rd babies.


‘Bomb-proof’ ‘poonami-proof’ just a couple of the phrases regularly used in the reusable nappy groups to describe some makes of nappy. Honestly, if there is a poonami brewing, you’re much better off with a well made reusable than a disposable every time. The elastic contains it better!

So there you have it, 5 reasons reusables rock! You don’t have to be a martyr to it, every reusable used is one less disposable in land fill. Check out my videos on how to wash and Fit reusable nappies.

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