6 Easy Pick Me Ups for Mums

It’s easy to reach burn out as a mum. So often we overlook our own daily needs for those of our family. It’s what we were built to do. We all know none of us really have time for ‘me-time’ and I feel guilty doing that anyway. But if we don’t choose to look out for ourselves, sometimes it can feel like nobody is. So here are some really quick mum pick me ups that are easy to do with young children at your feet day-to-day.

1. Fresh air

Even if it’s raining fresh air can really lift your mood. Put the rain covers on the pram, get your wellies on and find a letter to post or walk to the shop. Even 10 minutes out of the house can make me feel like I’ve done something with my day.

6 Easy Pick Me Ups for Busy Mums

2. Cup of tea

So simple, so British, so cliche. Making time to make that cup of tea you’ve been thinking about can feel so luxurious sometimes. If people come to the house the first thing I do is offer them a cup of tea yet I often think I am too busy to make myself one. Well not any more. If you’re dieting or pregnant you could have a nice cup of chamomile.

3. Hoover

Doesn’t sound like a very me thing to do but I love it when I get back in from somewhere and the living room is freshly vacuumed. I’ve taken to only doing one room at a time because otherwise the thought of having to do the whole house puts me off. Hoovering makes the whole room feel tidy so it’s a good cheat and when my house looks tidy I feel more relaxed.

4. Free thinking

I’m checking in on my phone for the majority of my day. Sometimes I even find myself looking at it when I didn’t even realise I’d picked it up. It used to be just Facebook but now I am on a loop through about 5 different platforms. It makes me feel like I’ve eternally got something to do. Like I’m looking for something I’ve forgotten. Putting the phone down and looking out the window can help you relax by letting your mind wander.

5. Kitchen Dancing

Something I used to do all the time as a teenager and I hardly do anymore. My toddler absolutely loves a bit of a kitchen dance. Our current favourite is ‘Your Welcome’ off Moana but it doesn’t matter which music you choose just put some on. Even if you don’t feel like it, once you put on a tune you love you’ll soon be up getting those endorphins going.

6. Pillows

I went online and ordered myself a V shaped pillow last week. All my family thought it was a weird purchase until they tried it. My husband, 7 year old and even my 2 year old all had a snuggle in it before I even got it upstairs. It’s a little luxury that was only a tenner that I can enjoy. Buy yourself a memory foam pillow, a mattress topper, or a new blanket for the sofa, some kind of textile that will just be a nice pleasure to have in your home.

Very simple ideas for a small pick me up in amongst the busy day. Quite obvious but maybe not something you’ve thought of doing recently. Let me know in the comments your favourite little pick me ups.

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6 Easy Pick Me Ups for Busy Mums

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