Hi I’m Kate I’ve been blogging for two years. My blog is all about my life as a stay at home mum, with a focus on how to feel connected in your relationships and community. I post about how to cultivate a feeling of belonging which is not something I’ve always been great at. The significance of families is really overlooked in general and we mums especially need to know how to make ourselves feel connected to something, whether that’s within our own immediate families or through mum and toddler groups or online support groups.

I’m 36, my family is my husband Rich, and our 2 children who are 9 and 3. My little boy was born breech at home (I didn’t know he was breech position) and so I am always interested in connecting with other full term NICU parents. Send me an email! – kateliliblog@gmail.com

Most of all I am really interested in people feeling less alone. Down with cliquey toddler groups and school gate in crowds! Down with feeling inadequate or feeling like you don’t quite fit in. My mission is that you feel identified when you read my blog and to share my ideas about how to reach deeper into your friendships and make new ones.

Blogging from my home in South Wales, U.K. Check out my work with me page.