Madagascar the Musical: Review

Ad/Press Invite

We were kindly invited along to see Madagascar the musical at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre.

King Julien

The show is really colourful, fun and upbeat. It’s particularly great for little ones as it doesn’t feel long. The stand out things for me about this production were the eye-catching costumes, Matt Terry’s (Alex) astounding vocals, the puppets, and the humour. I laughed out loud along with most of the audience more than once throughout the show.

Madagascar the musical

The music is very peppy and toe-tapping and the song lyrics are easy to understand, nothing abstract or mysterious, they support the narrative really well.

I especially enjoyed the raspberry clouds song which represents Alex the lion’s decent into unconsciousness when he gets darted at the subway station by animal control. I laughed so much at the policeman in this scene (played by Kieran Mortell).

William Beckerleg deserves a special mention as he has the lead penguin’s voice (Skipper) down to a tee.

madagascar the musical

Thank you to Wales Millennium Centre for a brilliant mum and daughter night out, we had such a lovely evening out together. Here’s what my daughter thought of the show:

‘I found it was an amazing production and while they were performing you could really see the effort and time they had put in to make it that good. I especially like when king Julien said that it was embarrassing that he had just done that whole session of “hahohaho” just because Alex’s stomach grumbled. That really made me laugh. I think that the dancing was absolutely brilliant as well as the singing just all the moves and timing and their singing was beautiful. The mini party at the end really got the people in the vibe even more. This is a really good musical and if I was to rate it I would say a 100/10. People should really go and watch the musical – very entertaining.’

So there you go, 100/10 is pretty good isn’t it? A great family night out well worth booking tickets for with your littlies but be quick it’s running until 11th August at Wales Millennium Centre and tickets are from £16.

You might also like to read my other theatre review of Kinky Boots which I also saw at Wales Millennium Centre.


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Scissors and sellotape at the ready 1,2,3…go! Are you ready for World book day this week? It’s on March 7th. Usually schools ‘allow’ children to go in dressed as a character from their favourite book and it’s down to us parents to come up with some amazing home made costume from one of their favourite books.

Our school is in my good books (see what I did there) because this year they have said for all the children to come in wearing pajamas instead. They are doing a mock up bedtime story with the whole school in assembly. Hallelujah. So I won’t be convincing my 8 year old that yes, the highway rat is her favourite book because I have a cowgirl hat left over from my hen party days and dad’s cape from his best man speech and I’ll make a cardboard sword. Feel free to use that one by the way.

Instead I thought I would share with you my favourite ‘pre-schooler’ reads in honour of World Book Day. I love kids books and it’s a nice way to get the younger ones involved too.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. 

An easy to follow, song like book that features heavy repetition which will encourage early language skills. This is a charming little story with a fun ending that small children will love. You might find your little one repeating parts of this book the next time you go out on a walk together. I couldn’t believe this is currently only £2 for the paper back version, and on prime too! 


The Lion Inside by Rachel Bright and Jim Field

Another current bargain at £3.49 for the paperback and on Prime too (I paid much more than that for our copy). Another rhyming one, this story tells the tale of a brave mouse and a mighty (or maybe not so much) lion. This one has a moral narrative and the illustrations just really appeal to smaller kids. One double page spread being a close up of the lion’s nose and mane. This is my toddler’s absolute favourite book and I can literally recite it off by heart. 


Albert’s Tree by Jenni Desmond

A recent library find I love the illustration in this book. Albert’s favourite tree is crying and he and his friends try to find out why. I loved this book because it experiments with emotions we don’t usually showcase a lot to little ones but that they can relate to. Upset, frustration, and apprehension all feature in this book and I genuinely think my toddler was surprised to see the main character feel some of these ‘negative’ emotions. My toddler laughed out loud at this book at the tree crying, and we had some fun with the story. 


Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

Anything by Julia Donaldson goes in our house. We have been watching the animated shorts on Amazon Prime TV and my son loves all of them. Room on the Broom is his current favourite but we have also watched Stick Man, The Highway Rat (as I mentioned earlier) Zog, The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. I am ecstatic to have got a ticket on early bird to a session with Julia Donaldson at the Hay on Wye literary festival this year and I can’t wait.

Winnie The Witch and the Midnight Dragon by Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Continuing with the witch theme, Winnie the Witch has a whole series of books. The stories are always original and the illustration is just brilliant. There is so much going on in each picture you can talk about it for a while with your toddler. Maybe for slightly older kids than pre-school perhaps or only if your child has a real love of stories because these stories are a little longer than some others but not by much. My son loved this one about a dragon as he runs through Winnie’s castle causing chaos as he goes. 


Zoo Poo by Richard Morgan

If you are gearing up for potty training I can’t recommend this book enough. I introduced it to both my children before even beginning to potty train and it helped break down any negative connotations about going to the toilet. How do you do-do at the zoo? A fun and funny book with great colourful illustrations of all your child’s favourite zoo animals. 


Any You Like?

Six of my top recommendations for younger children who enjoy stories. I hope you have found one or two you didn’t know about. Enjoy reading with your little ones and may your school aged child’s favourite book not be something really hard to create for World Book Day! Don’t forget – 7th of March 2019. 

Finding Reliable Childcare


*This is a collaborative post and was sponsored by childcare. co. uk*

There are many things that connect us as mums, however, I have found that there are two universal issues that we all face. One of them is time, or perhaps the lack thereof. Whether we are working full time, part time or stay at home, we are all short on time. The world and it’s husband is constantly vying for our time and attention. The second thing is the absolutely gut wrenching decisions we have to make when it comes to finding childcare. 

Returning To Work

I vividly remember the conversation with my mum friends about the much dreaded return to work. We were sat around my friend’s kitchen table one evening having a mum’s night off and catching up. We were a close knit group, we met at our NCT ante natal classes. Our babies were all coming up to the 9 month old mark and all of us were navigating the return to work. One of my friends was anxious but also excited to return to her role, another was pleased to return to full pay and not have to worry so much about the household budget, while I was outright terrified at the prospect altogether. However we were all feeling, all of us had the same concern as first time mums and that was, how do we find the right childcare? 

That evening with my friends seems like so long ago now, and at that time most of us went on word of mouth recommendations. All of our circumstances were different. Two of the group worked full time but in different cities, one worked part time, one was heading into self employment after leaving her corporate job and I ended up taking voluntary redundancy and becoming a stay at home mum. All of our families had very differing needs when it came to childcare and support.

Local Childcare

If we were having that conversation today, one of us could have recommended It’s an online social networking platform where you can search for all sorts of childcare providers who are local to you. It’s easy to use and creating an account is free. I have been looking for some wraparound care for some afternoons after nursery but I was also stoked to find you can find a doula on there too. Actually, I’d say they have every type of childcare covered and they also list childcare jobs too. 


Each provider has a profile page where they can describe themselves and their service and list their fees and current availability. I have been looking for childminders who can do a pick up from nursery and lots of my local childminders have written on their profile if that is something they provide and which schools they currently do pick ups at. 


My favourite feature so far is the reviews. At the bottom of each profile there is a space for other parents to leave a review. This is a great way to get a feel for what other parents thought about the person or nursery. 

Our number one priority as parents is our children’s safety, and when finding childcare we want to be certain that our babies are safe and being cared for. We also want to know they are having fun and are happy! There are things we can do to vet the person or provider. We can check their DBS certificate and other qualifications such as childcare and paediatric first aid. We can arrange to meet them to see their care environment. There is a FAQ and safety section on the the website to help with this including posts like ‘avoiding scams’ and ‘choosing a nursery’.

Parenting Tools

You may have seen on T.V. adverts. I have found it really useful as a one stop site which has collated all those word of mouth recommendations in one place. It’s great for us as parents and carers to be confident about finding the right childcare provider. I was glad to find it also has 5 stars on external review site Trust Pilot. The website is so quick to use and it’s a fantastic tool for parents and families. 

How To Make Your U.K. Family Break Ten Times Easier – Toy Box Tots

***I was kindly given a free toy box rental including delivery on our recent family short break and offered to write this review to describe it.***

Have you ever noticed that your children are much more interested in toys that aren’t theirs? Perhaps, like me, you have watched them obsess over a particular toy at toddler group, and bought one of their own only for it to be shunned within a week? Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could somehow lend a bunch of new toys every now and then and return them once your toddler gets bored with them? Enter Toy Box Tots! Toy Box Tots allows you to do just that. You can rent a box of age specific toys for your little one and send them back when you’re finished. But there’s so much more to this service than just renting toys.

how to make your break easier toy box tots

U.K. Family Breaks

We have been on a few weekend breaks this year as a family. As we’re saving for Disney World in 2019, we have made the most of weekends away here and there. I’ve taken my 8-year-old to Paris for the weekend, we’ve stayed in Cheltenham with Rich’s cousin and we’ve just got back from a weekend break in Center Parcs Longleat Forest.

I don’t know about you but whenever we go anywhere Rich packs his stuff and I pack for everyone else. Somehow it just seems to fall to me. After I’ve thought through the outfits for each day, packed some spare clothes and we’ve emptied the bins and gone through the fridge and grabbed our chargers, we’re just about to step out of the house and I remember toys. I grab a bag for life from the Narnia plastic bag cupboard and chuck a few toys in that I think my 2-year-old is most likely to want to play with.

It’s always a last minute grab and dash and I’m always trying to think of the smallest toy he gets the most play out of that could potentially be forgotten and left behind without the world ending. Toys are so bulky and guaranteed when we get there he’s not interested in the toy I picked anyway.

Toy Box Tots

I had a totally different experience on our most recent trip away to Center Parcs thanks to Toy Box Tots. With Toy Box Tots you can rent a box of toys for anything from 3 nights to 4 weeks or you can order an annual subscription to receive regular toy box deliveries throughout the year. The toy boxes are centred around a children’s book which you get to keep and each box is sorted by age. It also comes with a laminate with ideas on how to play with the toys in the box while linking them to the story.

I’m not over exaggerating when I say our box from Toy Box Tots was one of the main highlights of our holiday. It was there waiting for us when we arrived at our lodge in Center Parcs. This meant that after a long boring car drive my son could dive right in and get busy playing while we unpacked the car. All the toys were so well thought about and suited his age and development amazingly (I can tell it was packed by a parent!) It was full of toys he had never played with before or that we don’t own ourselves so it maintained his interest all weekend.

A Moment’s Peace

Those moments when we got back to the lodge after a busy morning out exploring, being able to sit down with a cup of tea while our 2 year old was happy playing were priceless. He loved the story we had with the box ‘King Cat’ and knowing there was a book in the box meant I didn’t have to remember to pack a bedtime story too.

Toy Box Tots
Toy Box

Packing the box up when we were leaving was really easy. There is an inventory sheet in there so you know you haven’t forgotten anything and the returns stickers are in there too.

No Hassle

I absolutely loved it and I will 100% be using Toy Box Tots for all our future U.K. breaks. It’s so much more than a box of toys. These are the main things I got from the Toy Box Tots rental:

  • Peaceful downtime at the lodge in between activities.
  • One less thing to have to think about packing.
  • Being able to trust that the toys are age appropriate.
  • Bonding while exploring the new story.
  • Being able to unload the car without worrying my toddler had discovered some new and exciting hazard I was not yet aware of.
  • Feeling like my 2-year-old had something on holiday that was specifically for him.
  • Discovering new ideas for play that we hadn’t tried yet (the play food).
  • Finding a new favourite kids book.
  • Hassle-free delivery and return.

I will definitely be renting a box from Toy Box Tots for our next U.K. adventure, wherever that may be. I think the idea is genius and a really helpful tool for parents and families.

If you have questions about what happens if you lose or damage a toy or if you would like to order your own box for your U.K. break you can do so here on the Toy Box Tots website. Let them know you saw it here on Kate Lili Blog!

11 year old from Newport wins national art competition


Have you seen a giant macaw around lately? Don’t panic, it’s just 11 year-old Ayesha Tania’s winning entry to the BIC Kids Young Artist Award 2018. 

Bic kids young artist Newport


Ayesha’s beautiful drawing of a colourful macaw saw off 13 other regional finalist’s entries to bag the first prize via a public vote. Part of her prize for winning the BIC kids young artist award was to have her art work displayed on a huge billboard, along with a bespoke art party for her and her family and friends courtesy of BIC stationery. 

The competition ran from Aug 27th – Sep 9th 2018 and received over 1,000 entries from all across the U.K. and the Republic of Ireland. A panel of judges then picked 14 finalists and those entries were opened to a public vote. Nearly 20,000 votes were cast and after being a finalist in the 2017 competition Ayesha was voted as the winner for 2018. 


The BIC kids young artist award is designed to encourage kids aged 5-11yrs to get creative. One of the panel judges was illustrator Phil Corbett who said: 

“We’re thrilled to announce Ayesha as the 2018 winner of the BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award. Her macaw drawing is technically outstanding. The bird itself is so vibrant and realistic but the background is also extremely well put together. The fact that Ayesha was also a winner last year shows that she really does have huge amounts of artistic skill.”

Phil Corbett


Keep your eyes peeled because Ayesha’s macaw drawing has been displayed on a further selection of billboards since the end of September.

How exciting to have such a talented young artist in our midst right here in Newport -and what a fun prize! I bet Ayesha and her family are so excited to see her art work displayed on huge billboards. Well done to her. Keep a look out for the BIC kids young artist award next year and it could be your art work being displayed for all to see!

**I was gifted a stationery bundle from BIC stationery to tell you all about this young artist award. I thought it was a really lovely piece of news and particularly relevant to Kate Lili Blog as the winner is local to me and many of my readers.**