Vlogmas week 3 – The final countdown!

The third week of Vlogmas began with a Christmas wrapping challenge. We filmed two videos with my friend Ceri and her daughter from MyahzineTV on the same day.

The British cookie taste challenge went up on MyahzineTV and the girls also did the wrap challenge. I gave them 3 random household items to wrap that were funny shapes and filmed them wrapping them. They did brilliantly well and ended by wrapping my coffee table. I was wondering if they might try to wrap each other by the end of it but they were happy to just rip the paper off everything in a bit of a frenzy instead! They had fun filming it and I had fun editing it because I had a bit of an insider glimpse into how they play when mums aren’t around as Ceri and I were having a cuppa in the kitchen while they wrapped. It was really sweet.

The next video was a behind the scenes glimpse of the collaboration day. I like this vid because Beg was really into presenting that day and she’s such a pro! Then I was running out of ideas so I made my own ‘Christmas Questions Tag’ which was 8 questions in 5 mins. But my video was actually 8 mins. So you could say I set my own rules and then broke them which was a bit daft but nobody seemed to mind. 😉 Another vlogger, Maria Loves joined in and it was great seeing her answers as she is someone I had watched a lot of throughout Vlogmas. It  felt slightly surreal to communicate with someone I haven’t met in this way. I feel like I know her, and others I watched regularly, better than some people I know in ‘real life’.


Day 23 was a video of Beg and her friend from next door making clay snowmen. This was really off the cuff as Beg came upstairs and asked me to film them making them and I asked if it could be a vlog and she said yes. So then the both of them were presenting a little Blue Peter-esque 4 min craft vid all the while having an undertone argument about whether they would make a marshmallow or a snowball next. I will show them that when they’re on their way out to some cool gig when they’re 18.

And then to finish off Vlogmas the last video was a 47 sec montage of us all on Christmas morning opening presents. A lovely easy watch to end 25 (nearly) days of daily uploads.

I had a GoPro for Christmas and there are 2 more vids on the channel since Christmas day. One where we mounted the camera onto Beg’s scooter so check that one out too!scooters YouTube

What I’ve learned from Vlogmas week 3:

  1. Some days filming is just not meant to be and everything will be against you filming! (kids, batteries, road sweepers etc.)
  2. Filming with friends is fun!
  3. There are different output settings when exporting from my video editing programme. Who knew.

Favourite highlights from Vlogmas week 3:

  1. Watching the girls working together to find ways to wrap the funny shaped objects and hearing them having a giggle too.
  2. The end of the wrapping vid Beg goes ‘so yeah’ and we each inadvertently copy in turn, it’s funny.
  3. Beg’s presenting skills.

I’ve loved doing Vlogmas 2016 and will be hoping to join in again next Christmas. Thank you for watching  my videos and all your support in the form of likes, comments and YouTube subs it is really appreciated. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas too!


Vlogmas week 2 round-up

It’s been another busy week of filming for vlogmas in The Hippy Christian household. Click my 3 min vid embedded at the bottom of this post to see what I have been up to.

Check out the highlight reel from week one Week 1 Vlogmas

We have been present shopping, partying and had my mum and her husband down to visit last weekend which was in fact a pretty momentous occasion. It was the first time my mum has met the baby and we had a really nice weekend together. My mum has actually only been married for 3 months so it was nice getting to know her other half a bit better too. It was actually quite an emotional weekend (in a good way) and Beg absolutely loved seeing Grandma as well. I just love the bit of footage where Beg is dancing and my mum is holding the baby.

We went to a party organised by our lovely baby singing group and had a lovely time. Lisa who runs it is so great with the kids and she did the whole party by herself; it was perfect for the babbas. She has been a great supporter of my blog so you will see she says “If you’re vlogging me get me on a good side.” Which just made me laugh but also brought it home that what I’m doing is actually a thing and that people have actually been watching my vlogmas vids! So that was *awesome*! Thanks Lisa! 😉

Rich had a few days annual leave from work and so we got the majority of our Christmas present shopping for the kids done. The baby has about 20% the amount our daughter has but he won’t know will he? He’ll want to play with all the wrapping paper!

The 15th was a baby clothes haul so I haven’t included that in the highlights reel-it was a bit boring. Then the 16th was the first day I hadn’t got a video out. I had nothing prepared and I was wracking my brain thinking of talking to camera about something but what with the 15th being boring I knew I was reaching and so I left it clear. So does that mean I’ve failed the vlogmas challenge? I’m afraid I think it does, but stay tuned as I’m not quitting yet. I ain’t that easy… I gave birth twice I’m hardcore.

Plans for next week include a collaboration with my Blogging Bestie Ceri and of course her daughter Myah both of MyahzineTV fame! Ceri has also been a massive supporter of the blog from the get go giving me encouragement and tips along the way. I’m excited to be doing vlogmas with her and chatting on the vlogmas facebook page with her and we have a couple of fun videos planned with the girls which I think they will have fun filming.

What I’ve learned in week 2:

  1. Landscape filming definitely works better! (thanks Ceri!)
  2. Getting used to doing thumbnails and adding descriptions to my vids.
  3. There’s an overlay feature on my video editing timeline!
  4. Can upload straight to YouTube from my phone.

My favourite highlights of week 2:

  1. Hearing Rich making the baby laugh out of shot
  2. Baby smiling on mum’s lap
  3. Lisa asking to get her good side
  4. The way Beg says “he’s my friend” about Patch the bunny at the end.

Click the vid below for a condensed version of my YouTube channel -you lucky thing! I can’t believe Christmas is next week!


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

The Christmas Tag

I have been tagged by the very lovely Madeline from This Glorious Life (and I have met her in real life so I can verify that she is very lovely) to join in with the Christmas tag. So here goes.

  1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

    Absolutely has to be The Muppet’s Christmas Carol. I love the songs and it leaves you feeling all fuzzy inside by the end. I’ve watched it every year since I was a kid.

  2. Have you ever had a white Christmas?

    Although I’ve never stayed anywhere with guaranteed snow at Christmas I’m sure we must have had at least a couple of white Christmases at home in Wales over the years.

  3. Where do you usually spend your Christmas?

    At home. I think it’s the best place to be, surrounded by as many family as possible.

  4. What is your favourite Christmas song?

    I love the Pogues one. I like the story in the lyrics. It’s gritty but still lovely!

  5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

    Yes my Grandmother is German and so as a kid I was always allowed to choose one present from under the tree to open on Christmas eve. This is a tradition I have continued with my daughter in the form of a Christmas eve box. I use the same box every year and I put in some new pj’s, hot chocolate, slippers or cosy socks and we cwtch up and watch a film together.

  6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

    On Comet, on Blitzen, on Dasher on Dancer, on Cupid, on, Rudolph, on Prancer and…Vixen(?)

  7. Which Christmas traditions are you looking forward to this year?

    We usually visit my husband’s sister’s house on Christmas eve and see all his family there which is lovely.

  8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

    It’s fake and very glad I am too! We had a real one last year and it was a right pain! Maybe one day again if we ever live in a little cottage in the country.

    Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

  9. What is your all time Christmas treat/food/sweet?

    I love Christmas pudding with lots of cream. And sprouts, I really love sprouts. They’re like little mini cabbages and they just taste so nice.


    Love or loathe?

  10. Be honest, do you prefer giving or receiving presents?

    Honestly honestly prefer giving presents. When you know you’ve got something really good. 🙂

  11. Best Christmas present you’ve ever received?

    A blue bike when I was a kid. It was awesome.


  1. Where would be your dream place to visit for the Christmas season?

    There’s no place like home for Christmas but if we were to go away, then I would like to visit a Christmas market in Germany.

  2. Are you a pro present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

    I’m good at wrapping but I tend to stick to the basics. I’ve seen lots of presents around lately with big bows and ribbon and extra’s and the really hip modern wrapping paper all looks so great but I never get round to adding any of it. This year I didn’t even have labels, I’ve written everyone’s names on the presents in Sharpie!

    baby wrapping

    Helping to wrap

  3. Most memorable Christmas moment?

    I don’t know why but one year my uncle bought my mum a funny present and it was a toy cats tail peeping out of a paper bag that span round and round and it just sticks in my mind. Random.

  4. What made you realise the truth about Santa?

    A teacher in primary school one day announcing St Nicholas is dead. She was telling us the actual story of St Nick but it just kind of spoiled it for me.

  5. What makes Christmas special for you?

    Celebrating Jesus’s life on earth with my friends and their families in church on Christmas morning and feeling joyous. Looking around me on Christmas day and realising that I’m a grown-up with my own family and realising how lucky I am.

I’ve left it a bit late to tag anyone going forward but I wanted to get a Christmassy post up to end 2016 on my blog. So all that’s left to say is Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful time with the people most special to you. Much Christmas love and best wishes to everyone! 🙂


#Vlogmas Week One Round-up.

I am 9 days in to #Vlogmas2016 and I’m pleased to say I have kept up and posted a video each day; even more pleased to say I have been really enjoying it.

If you don’t know what #Vlogmas is it’s a hashtag challenge to post a YouTube video every day of December in the lead up to Christmas. As you may have seen in my first Vlogmas blog post I’m brand shiny new to YouTube so I do feel I’ve taken up a challenge, but a fun one.

I’m pleased to say that I have already learned a lot. From simply navigating my way around a new social media platform – YouTube – to getting used to editing my videos it has been a great learning process. Once I put my mind to something, especially a new project, I can become quite obsessed with it quite quickly. But it’s usually because I am enjoying it so much, and this has been the way with Vlogmas too.

Some things I have learned from week one of Vlogmas are:

  1. Discovering brilliant free music on YouTube audio library
  2. Making my first day-in-the-life video
  3. Playing about with some techniques like sped-up footage
  4. Time spent editing has reduced from 3hrs to one.

Some of my video highlights for me were:

  1. My daughter calling the baby a “fuss-butt”.
  2. Rich making me laugh telling me what we were having for lunch.
  3. The sunlight streaming in through the window as I said “Kesed church”.
  4. Beg’s off the cuff “Myah from MyahzineTV” song.
  5. The baby eating/screeching at his sock on day 9’s vid
  6. A happy coincidence of a picture of my friends featuring on a screenshot of a charity.

I’ve made up a 4 min highlight reel of the first week of Vlogmas so you can get a  taster of what my YouTube channel is like. Coming up I have videos of Beg writing her Christmas wishlist, a very festive trip to the garden centre with my mum and baby’s first Christmas party (which was just the cutest thing ever), more days-in-the-life because I think they are my favourite and possibly another shopping haul. Have a look at the short highlight vid below and come over to my YouTube channel to see the rest of my Vlogmas vids.

Let me know if you are doing vlogmas too in the comments below so I can come and check you out and which kind of video you enjoy watching the most or what you would like to see me do a video about? Days in the life? Hauls? Let me know. 🙂

The Hippy Christian Mum Does YouTube

Throughout the month of December you can find me over on YouTube as The Hippy Christian Mum. I have taken up the challenge to post a vlog a day (a video log) in the run up to Christmas. So that’s a video every day including Christmas!

I have never really vlogged before but posted a little video of me ‘unboxing’ the Smiggle goody bag I received at their event and got a bit carried away and bought a video editing suite program! So I thought I’d better put it to some use and I saw the #Vlogmas tag floating about and thought I’d give it a bash.

It’s actually been really fun. I have been filming nearly every day and already am 100% better at editing the film than I was even 3 days ago when I began. I pre-recorded a couple of vids to give myself a head start and so far have not been lost for content. I have also been chatting with and following along other blogger/vlogger’s vlogmas vids and it has been great to see all the different styles of videos. I even got my friend on board at MyahzineTV and she is joining in too.


We are currently on day 3 of vlogmas 2016 and so far I have posted a shopping haul video, where I just show a few things I bought at the shops which doesn’t sound very exciting until you watch one and surprise yourself just how nosy you are (well, if you’re anything like me that is)! Day 2 was a 3 min mash up of us putting up our Christmas tree set to music, made quickly on an app on my phone. On the first day I was talking to camera explaining vlogmas and what vids to expect from me.

It’s surprisingly fun and Beg absolutely loves it, elbowing me out of shot whenever she possibly can. In fact I keep promising her I will set her up with her own channel as she’s always recording vlogs from the back of the car. She is born for the stage I think. I reckon even Rich is secretly enjoying it. He is always right behind me 100% in whatever I do though. The best thing about it though is that it is giving me a great excuse to capture Beb’s first Christmas on camera. It’s really getting me in the Christmas spirit as well, I’m feeling very festive already and it’s only the beginning of December.


Coming up there will be a Christmas car-pool karaoke James Corden sty-lee (I can’t wait for that one, Beg will find it hilarious). Some follow my day type recording as we do advent at church (these are called day-in-the-life I’m learning the lingo!). And hopefully more Christmassy family days out.

There is a Media qualification hidden somewhere in my murky past and while that doesn’t make me any good it does reveal a penchant for this kind of thing.  Apparantly YouTube is the place to be at the moment but I am still in love with blogging and whilst I am having fun messing about filming and editing I think I might stick to the written word after Vlogmas2016.

So if  you’ve ever wondered what my voice sounds like (Welshy) or how my face moves (currently crowd-funding for botox) it’s a limited time offer so click below and have a watch!

Let me know if you are doing #Vlogmas2016 in the comments below and I will come and check out your channel.