Cinderella at The Riverfront: A Review

*With thanks to the Riverfront for gifting us tickets to the show*

A colourful and vibrant performance which brings Cinderella into the modern age whilst incorporating all the panto tradition we know and love.


With songs for old and young alike to sing along to the score of this show really spans the decades to ensure there is something for every audience member. Opening with ‘Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside’ going through to numbers such as ‘One Night Only’ (a really stand out performance by Rachel Waring playing the Fairy Godmother) and some really recent hits like George Ezra’s ‘Paradise’ which my 9 year old daughter loved.


Keiron Self really carried the show as Buttons, getting the audience engaged and having a great comedic presence overall. I esecially liked his rain bit which got a great reaction from the whole crowd.

The show is really aimed at younger audience members with a lot of slapstick as you would expect from any self discerning pantomime production. The two ugly sisters played by Geraint Rhys Edwards (watch out for his entrechat!) and Richard Elis bounce and bat off one another really well throughout all their scenes.


The staging is great with loads to look at throughout the show with regards to where the actors are at any one time and how the groups intertwine throughout the dance numbers. The lighting kept the show feeling bright and cheery and there are a very many costumes to appreciate, especially the ugly sister’s flamboyant wardrobe.


Amazing performances by all the dancers and ensemble, giving it their all throughout and really keeing the pep going. Looking through the programme there are some really impressive credits listed to each. The children cast were very professional. Personally I would have enjoyed seeing more of Michael Geary who played Baron Hard-up and Rachel Waring who played Fairy Godmother as I thought they were really fun to watch.

The gags are aimed at a younger audience of course with some naughty ones for the adults thrown in (but not overtly obvious I would say so don’t worry about mid-age kids catching on).


A bright and fun show with appeal accross the generations, Cinderella is a great Christmas family outing with performances running until January 4th at the Riverfront. A list of dates is below.

I’m not stuck. ‘Oh yes you are!’

With many thanks to the Riverfront for gifting us our tickets. There are different prices depending upon the performance day/time you can find out more on the riverfront website.

Wed. 04/12        10am          2pm      

Thur. 05/12        10am          2pm

Fri. 06/12           10am          2pm

Sat. 07/12          1.30pm        5.30pm

Mon. 09/12         10am           2pm

Tue. 10/12          10am           2pm

Wed. 11/12         10am           2pm      

Thur. 12/12         10am           2pm

Fri. 13/12            TBC              7pm

Sat.   14/12          1.30pm       5.30pm                                                            

Mon. 16/12          10am            2pm

Tue. 17/12                             7pm**

Wed. 18/12          10am            2pm

Thur. 19/12          10am            2pm                       

Sat. 21/12            1.30pm          5.30pm

Sun. 22/12           1.30pm           5.30pm

Mon. 23/12           1.30pm          5.30pm

Tue. 24/12            1.30pm          5.30pm

Thur. 26/12           1.30pm          5.30pm

Fri. 27/12              1.30pm          5.30pm*

Sat. 28/12             1.30pm          5.30pm

Sun. 29/12             1.30pm          5.30pm              

Mon. 30/12            1.30pm         5.30pm

Tue 31/12            1.30pm         5.30pm

Thur. 2/01                                  5.30pm
Fri 3/01                 1.30pm5.30pm
Sat 4/01                1.30pm         5.30pm

*Relaxed performance on the 27th, **Audio described/touch tour/BSL interpreted performance at 7pm on the 17th

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