Crazy Christmas Driving!

It’s December the 15th, and when I popped to the shops today I wasn’t quite expecting it to be the scary ordeal that it was. Christmas makes people crazy, and angry!

It was the aggressive driving on the roads that was the most worrying. I drive a small blue car, I call it an old lady car because I drive it because it’s low on tax and economical on fuel. I call it my old lady car because old ladies are wise! I’ve also been known to drive an Audi A5 2 litre TDI – my husband’s car, which people generally assume a man is driving. Let me just say, if you were of the school of thought that sexism is officially over, think again. Just try this little experiment for one and you will soon see how differently you are treated.

Today I was in my little blue car. This fella in a scrappy van decided to swerve in front of me and proceed to slow to 30 on a 50 road. For absolutely no reason. Rather than go around him I chose to sit behind him because, honestly, I thought he was mental and I did not want to provoke him by DRIVING MY CAR. So I sat while everyone else went round.

When we got to the shops, it was like people were willing to have a physical fight over parking spaces. Thankfully, I parked easily and it was a sweet spot too (backed onto pavement so I could safely put up the pram). But every time I came out of a shop all I could hear was beeping. It was crazy! I honestly thought a fight was going to break out. Wrapping paper and tinsel flying everywhere outside Poundland.

insult sign

I’m not perfect either I’ve had my fair share of road rage in the past. Sticking my fingers up at someone who turned out to be my sort-of-manager was not my best moment. But it’s crazy out there at the minute. Christmas is sending people loopy and I think we all need to stop and take a breath!

My main objective on a journey anywhere, in my little old lady car, or my husband’s faster rep car, is to get my baby and myself there and back safely. If I could say anything to all the dickhead drivers out there it would be: ‘Your car is not a weapon. Please do not risk my baby’s safety because you are nuts, or in a hurry.’

I saw a man in a van drive into the back of a woman’s car who was waiting at the school crossing last week and since then have heard of two other people this has happened to. I’ve driven past so many people who are more concerned about what is on their phone than what is on the road in front of them. And isn’t it obvious when someone ahead of you is on their phone? Intermittent speed and zig zagging on the road and nearly hitting the curb. The same as if they were drunk.

Christmas on the roads is mad!

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