A Family Day Out – Mountain View Ranch Caerphilly

That’s kind of said care-philly if you were wondering. I’ve tried to spell it phonetically before in my Vegan Supperclub post. It’s half term here in beautiful South Wales and my wonderful husband booked a day off work so we could have a family day out. We all enjoyed the Mountain View Ranch in Caerphilly so much I wanted to share.

Mountain View Ranch

Excited to start the trail

There is a Gruffalo trail complete with willow Gruffalo, a campfire where you can toast marshmallows, a fairy forest and adventure playground to mention just a few of the attractions. We had loads of fun and I felt really refreshed for getting lots of fresh air. The best thing is it’s all pram friendly.

When we arrived the car park looked packed but there was no queue to get in, in fact I stood back and watched Rich walk straight past the booth and go to push the gate open! I just knew he was going to do it and it really looked like he was trying to get in for free! The lady made him jump when she said ‘Hi’ really loudly to get his attention. She said ‘family of 3?’ and my little 6yr old daughter piped up ‘no, 4’ because she is super cute and won’t ever allow her little bro to be left out of things but under 2’s are free and it was a fiver each so it cost us £15 to get in.

The adventure playground is the first thing you see when you get in; it’s very big and impressive. It has a zip wire and really, really big swings so kids might just want to make a bee line for that. You could arrive around lunch time and grab a table next to the playground as soon as you go in and have lunch while the kids play. We bypassed the playground until the end of our day as Beg was just excited to hunt for the Gruffalo.

Following the path along we passed the guinea pigs and rabbits, a high ropes course and segways and while daddy was studying the map we pegged it into the most exciting looking clearing which was the main strip with little mini hobbit houses, natural play areas, a dragon sculpture and acres of open space that just made me want to run! Surrounded by beautiful mountain views all around Rich took some pics while being the modern dad and also pushing the pram.

We didn’t stop at the top of the middle ‘main’ bit we were too busy running and we continued past Bushcraft Creek which is where the campfire and marshmallows were. There looked to be a long wait and we had a turn of that the last time we came with our friends and as the weather was miserable that day we had exclusive use so I didn’t feel like Beg missed out today by not going there. We stopped for a play at the bottom of the main bit and went on the tree swing and climbed the huge tree house and had a go on the monkey bars as well. Then we moseyed up to Fairy Forest where we discovered another tree house, another tree swing and a wishing well too.  tree house

On the way back Beg decided she was going to roly poly down roly poly hill and who was I to argue. The ground was totally wet and muddy but it seemed like the right thing to do. We went back on ourselves to find the Gruffalo who was dutifully waiting for a pic with us along with the Gruffalo’s child. 

After a good hour or so playing in the giant ranch style themed playground (there’s cactus everywhere and sand on the ground) we stopped for a soya coffee, a hot chocolate and a cookie in the cafe and with tired legs and children headed off home.


Highlights for me:

  • Good value entry price
  • Pram friendly
  • Family QT – no tech!
  • Exercise & fresh air

Highlights for kids:

  • Touch and climb on everything
  • Loads to explore
  • Big adventure playground
  • Unique experiences such as the campfire

I would really recommend this place for a day out. There’s truly loads to do and it’s set up so well to have a good explore and run around. We will definitely be going back.




  1. 25th February 2017 / 2:58 am

    This looks awesome, we haven’t been here! Might have to take a trip in the next school holidays!! Love the pics of you guys! Glad you had a lush family day! ♥️ Xx

    • thehippychristianmum
      25th February 2017 / 11:07 am

      It’s a real gem, nice to have something that celebrates the countryside on the doorstep. Loads to do there! We’ve had days out before now where it just felt like a mammoth undertaking and a huge hassle overall, kids always have a great time but we come home shattered. This place was just laid out really well and we enjoyed it too. I’m sure you guys will love it too. 🙂

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