Fed up of moaning about my weight: here’s a post all about my weight.

Oh my giddy aunt I’m boring myself. I booked a holiday today, it took me about 3.48 seconds to think about my weight. I’ll have to wear a swimsuit, will I be the only person not wearing a bikini, I wonder if I can lose some weight by then. Give it a bloody rest!

Last week’s post was all about how this month I have been focusing on my health. I have been trying to implement some small changes in the hope of making them long term changes. Things like adding in regular exercise. I have been feeling much better about myself and my choices but I would be lying if I said I haven’t weighed myself more than once.

I wish I could drop it. I really do annoy myself bringing everything back to what I weigh. Feeling guilty for eating ‘rubbish’ then eating more of it than I would have because I ‘might as well’ now I’ve had a bit.

I’ve written about my own body image before and honestly thought I was doing quite well. I try to filter my social media feeds so they’re quite postive. I try not to ever mention weight or criticize myself around my young daughter. However, I’ve no doubt she will have picked up on some negative things purely because of how much I think about my weight.

I can bring literally anything back to my weight. Thinking about how my kids are doing at school – I bet the teachers think I’ve got no self control (they’re all so pretty and slim). I’m going to take up some exercise – it would be so much easier if I wasn’t as heavy. Booking a holiday – better lose some weight or I’ll be uncomfortable in the plane seat. Uh it’s so BORING.

If you’re feeling the same I have no advice for you because you know what I’m the last person who could give advice on this. We can just be miserable together. Why are we so hard on ourselves as women, mums, etc?

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