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There’s something extravagant about receiving fresh flowers delivered to your door, that’s why I love sending people flowers. It’s always nice to receive them too! The lovely people at Prestige Flowers sent me this beautiful bouquet of pink roses and freesias to share here on my blog.


flowers flowers

I’ve never had freesias before but I think I will be looking out for them again as these bright yellow ones are absolutely beautiful. They are a pop of colour on a comb like strand and there are a lot of flowers per head so it gives a feeling of a really full bouquet. Prestige weren’t stingy on the roses either, 10 blush pink roses which stood out really well against the chosen greenery (called pistagia) which complemented the roses really well. It felt like a luxurious mix, one which I wouldn’t have chosen for myself so it was lovely to walk past them every day in my kitchen.

I have ordered flowers for all types of occasions, happy and sad, and they are always well received. I think it’s a really nice way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’. I remember the feeling of having flowers delivered to the door on the births of both our babies. Our friends and family were celebrating with us and decorating the house with bursts of colour felt like the perfect celebration.

With Prestige Flowers you can order up to 9pm for next day delivery and they deliver 7 days a week too.  I also had some milk chocolate truffles and a glass vase along with a courtesy note card and a wine voucher.

The Prestige website currently has a lot of bouquets 50% off (this bunch currently priced at £19.99) and I’ve just noticed they have fruit hampers and chocolate hampers available for delivery as well.

Here are some more beautiful flower pics. Rich says I owe him £250 licensing for the ones he took. Cheeky. What’s the most memorable bunch of flowers you have ever received? Let me know in the comments.




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