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***I was kindly given a free toy box rental including delivery on our recent family short break and offered to write this review to describe it.***

Have you ever noticed that your children are much more interested in toys that aren’t theirs? Perhaps, like me, you have watched them obsess over a particular toy at toddler group, and bought one of their own only for it to be shunned within a week? Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could somehow lend a bunch of new toys every now and then and return them once your toddler gets bored with them? Enter Toy Box Tots! Toy Box Tots allows you to do just that. You can rent a box of age specific toys for your little one and send them back when you’re finished. But there’s so much more to this service than just renting toys.

how to make your break easier toy box tots

U.K. Family Breaks

We have been on a few weekend breaks this year as a family. As we’re saving for Disney World in 2019, we have made the most of weekends away here and there. I’ve taken my 8-year-old to Paris for the weekend, we’ve stayed in Cheltenham with Rich’s cousin and we’ve just got back from a weekend break in Center Parcs Longleat Forest.

I don’t know about you but whenever we go anywhere Rich packs his stuff and I pack for everyone else. Somehow it just seems to fall to me. After I’ve thought through the outfits for each day, packed some spare clothes and we’ve emptied the bins and gone through the fridge and grabbed our chargers, we’re just about to step out of the house and I remember toys. I grab a bag for life from the Narnia plastic bag cupboard and chuck a few toys in that I think my 2-year-old is most likely to want to play with.

It’s always a last minute grab and dash and I’m always trying to think of the smallest toy he gets the most play out of that could potentially be forgotten and left behind without the world ending. Toys are so bulky and guaranteed when we get there he’s not interested in the toy I picked anyway.

Toy Box Tots

I had a totally different experience on our most recent trip away to Center Parcs thanks to Toy Box Tots. With Toy Box Tots you can rent a box of toys for anything from 3 nights to 4 weeks or you can order an annual subscription to receive regular toy box deliveries throughout the year. The toy boxes are centred around a children’s book which you get to keep and each box is sorted by age. It also comes with a laminate with ideas on how to play with the toys in the box while linking them to the story.

I’m not over exaggerating when I say our box from Toy Box Tots was one of the main highlights of our holiday. It was there waiting for us when we arrived at our lodge in Center Parcs. This meant that after a long boring car drive my son could dive right in and get busy playing while we unpacked the car. All the toys were so well thought about and suited his age and development amazingly (I can tell it was packed by a parent!) It was full of toys he had never played with before or that we don’t own ourselves so it maintained his interest all weekend.

A Moment’s Peace

Those moments when we got back to the lodge after a busy morning out exploring, being able to sit down with a cup of tea while our 2 year old was happy playing were priceless. He loved the story we had with the box ‘King Cat’ and knowing there was a book in the box meant I didn’t have to remember to pack a bedtime story too.

Toy Box Tots
Toy Box

Packing the box up when we were leaving was really easy. There is an inventory sheet in there so you know you haven’t forgotten anything and the returns stickers are in there too.

No Hassle

I absolutely loved it and I will 100% be using Toy Box Tots for all our future U.K. breaks. It’s so much more than a box of toys. These are the main things I got from the Toy Box Tots rental:

  • Peaceful downtime at the lodge in between activities.
  • One less thing to have to think about packing.
  • Being able to trust that the toys are age appropriate.
  • Bonding while exploring the new story.
  • Being able to unload the car without worrying my toddler had discovered some new and exciting hazard I was not yet aware of.
  • Feeling like my 2-year-old had something on holiday that was specifically for him.
  • Discovering new ideas for play that we hadn’t tried yet (the play food).
  • Finding a new favourite kids book.
  • Hassle-free delivery and return.

I will definitely be renting a box from Toy Box Tots for our next U.K. adventure, wherever that may be. I think the idea is genius and a really helpful tool for parents and families.

If you have questions about what happens if you lose or damage a toy or if you would like to order your own box for your U.K. break you can do so here on the Toy Box Tots website. Let them know you saw it here on Kate Lili Blog!


  1. 26th October 2018 / 8:36 pm

    I’ve just found your blog and have been binge reading! Great to find other Christian blogging mums in the UK! You have inspired me to start writing my blog again.
    Thank you.
    Hales xxx

    • Kate Lili
      26th October 2018 / 8:51 pm

      Ah that is really great to read and thank you that means a lot to me! I will come and check it out 🙂

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