Madagascar the Musical: Review

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We were kindly invited along to see Madagascar the musical at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre.

King Julien

The show is really colourful, fun and upbeat. It’s particularly great for little ones as it doesn’t feel long. The stand out things for me about this production were the eye-catching costumes, Matt Terry’s (Alex) astounding vocals, the puppets, and the humour. I laughed out loud along with most of the audience more than once throughout the show.

Madagascar the musical

The music is very peppy and toe-tapping and the song lyrics are easy to understand, nothing abstract or mysterious, they support the narrative really well.

I especially enjoyed the raspberry clouds song which represents Alex the lion’s decent into unconsciousness when he gets darted at the subway station by animal control. I laughed so much at the policeman in this scene (played by Kieran Mortell).

William Beckerleg deserves a special mention as he has the lead penguin’s voice (Skipper) down to a tee.

madagascar the musical

Thank you to Wales Millennium Centre for a brilliant mum and daughter night out, we had such a lovely evening out together. Here’s what my daughter thought of the show:

‘I found it was an amazing production and while they were performing you could really see the effort and time they had put in to make it that good. I especially like when king Julien said that it was embarrassing that he had just done that whole session of “hahohaho” just because Alex’s stomach grumbled. That really made me laugh. I think that the dancing was absolutely brilliant as well as the singing just all the moves and timing and their singing was beautiful. The mini party at the end really got the people in the vibe even more. This is a really good musical and if I was to rate it I would say a 100/10. People should really go and watch the musical – very entertaining.’

So there you go, 100/10 is pretty good isn’t it? A great family night out well worth booking tickets for with your littlies but be quick it’s running until 11th August at Wales Millennium Centre and tickets are from £16.

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