An Insight Into The World Of Blogging

I’ve been blogging for nearly four years now which is a bit long in the tooth for a blogger. I’ve learned a lot about blogging in those four years. I’ve learned through other bloggers, my own research, and my own mistakes.

Success in Blogging

Although my blog has never been hugely successful, I could never make a full time salary from it as some of my blog buddies do, I still love it. It has given me loads of exciting and fun opportunities over those four years that I’m very grateful for and will always remember. My blog is something which is only mine, I’m proud of it, and it gives me a reason to write. 

I’m not the right person to give advice on ‘how to make money from blogging’ but I can give a little insight into how blogging kind of works. 

My blog is what you might call a ‘mummy blog’. We’ve got a bad rap recently in popular culture but there is a reason our posts get shared over and over and it’s because mum’s are fed up of being told to be perfect while feeling utterly isolated. Without going too far into that, just to say there are many genres in blogging. Cookery blogs, fashion blogs, gardening blogs, family lifestyle blogs. Anything you want to read about there is probably someone blogging about it somewhere. Oh, and posts and articles you share on Facebook were often originally created by a blogger. 

Curated Content

Every piece of content a blogger creates is curated intentionally. We know it’s public, and could end up anywhere. We know what people like to read, we know what works and what doesn’t. Bloggers create and share content intentionally, whether that’s a blog post, a meme, or an Instagram post.

Measuring Blogs

We have stats. Metrics we can assess and use to pitch to brands if we want to. We can see all sorts of info about who is accessing our websites and content on social. Age range, location etc. Most of us use google analytics which means your info is anonymous. We have a thing called DA which is domain authority and is the most common number we talk about in success/popularity of a blog. Every blogger you know basically has a mini qualification in marketing that they have learned as they’ve gone along.

Bloggers have tools we can use. These usually have a free version but then cost money, like an app I suppose. Schedulers, Instagram followers/unfollowers apps, photo editor apps, heading image apps. We use these alongside maintaining our websites and if on wordpress,  using app like things called widgets within the site to help make our sites secure and our posts as google friendly as they can be.

Blogger Groups

We have groups. Local blogger facebook groups, whats app messaging groups, instagram inbox groups. Same as all your personal groups but we share info. If a company or brand is regularly late paying for work, you can guarantee their name is doing the rounds. Someone being a bully on twitter? Yes we are all talking about it. Someone slinging their marketing budget around? Yes someone has popped in to let us lower bloggers know (haha)! We can tell who has bought followers, we can tell who is being sensationalist for the sake of it. We know who is full of shit and who is blogging with integrity. It’s not all roses, you have bitchy people as anywhere, but there are pockets of bloggers who sort of know one another. Which is a part of blogging I really like. 

It’s All About The Numbers. Or Is It?

Whether a personal business or blogging for fun when a blog post is written it’s with the intent that it will be read. Follower numbers are easy to get caught up in but I’d say the majority of us thrive on those genuine connections we make through our blogs. While there are certain little tips and tricks you can employ to raise follower numbers it is hard to do. The best way is always to make decent content. 

Making Money

People who come in and appear out of nowhere thinking blogging is an easy way to make money often disappear as quickly. This is for two reasons. Number one because that’s a flaky reason to blog and it will not sustain a blog. The second reason is because to make a blog successful enough to earn a regular income you need to learn many different skills. The landscape is always changing as well. Every time an algorithm changes on one of the social sites, we have to learn something new. I saw loads of bloggers quit when the new GDPR guidelines came in. 

Blogging and the Law

There are advertising guidelines we are lawfully obligated to abide by. That’s whether or not we make cash from our blogs. The GDPR guidelines as mentioned above meant we all suddenly had to become barristers-in-training in order to correctly update our websites and avoid hefty fines. Then we have people stealing our pictures, art and words and using them as their own or even completely falsifying magazine articles without our permission. (That happens more than you would think). 

Blog Love

So, there is a lot that goes into maintaining a blog, but I love it. I appreciate all 3 of you who regularly check in with me to see what I’m ranting about lately.

I hope that has given a little insight into the world of blogging and the commitment it takes. We all blog for different reasons but I think all of us would say it is a labour of love. 

Why I Haven’t Been Writing

I haven’t written a blog post for the longest time ever since I started blogging. It’s been about a month. It’s times like these I’m glad we don’t rely on my blog for an income, because I’ve just had nothing to say.

There have been many moments throughout the day where I’ve thought ‘ooh that would make a good blog post’ but I’ve not had time at that moment to write the idea down and sure enough by the evening I’ve completely forgotten what it was. I don’t want to just write stuff for the sake of writing stuff because I’m actually proud of my blog and all the posts I’ve written. I wish I was better at writing; I can see so many holes in my own writing but when it comes to splurging my ideas out onto a page for my own personal blog space, I love it and I’m proud of myself for stepping out in confidence to do it.

Sometimes I’ve noticed a bit of back biting evident in the blogging world, which isn’t pretty but is generally well hidden. This sometimes can stop an idea in it’s tracks in my mind. Then there is the multitude of repetitive posts based around the same topic because it’s national pancake month for instance and bloggers are hoping to get more views on the back of a hot topic or hashtag. Which I can totally understand if it’s your business it makes total sense and kudos if it’s promoting an important cause. Actually I think this is one of our main roles as bloggers as it often gets picked up and publicised by newspapers. However, I don’t want to sit and read 20 posts about the same thing and – I know what you’re thinking- I don’t have to. So basically what I’m saying is that there’s the issue of thinking up original blog posts. Things that are personal to me but that are going to be relevant to you too. Pieces that are not just adding to the masses of posts already written before.

Another reason is my change of heart. So often I think about going to sit down to write a post and I get this feeling like ‘Why Kate do you think what you have to say is important in the least!’ Not in a self deprecating manner but because nothing anybody has to say is really important at all. That seems strange written down and it really doesn’t make much sense because opinion piece or not I love reading blogs, so it goes too that some people will enjoy reading mine, I suppose!

I do sometimes wonder if people stop to read anything anymore that isn’t sensationalist. I think the average person’s attention span has dwindled significantly (I know mine certainly has) and fast information is what is wanted. It’s getting to the point where it’s a bit far-fetched to imagine anyone choosing to spend 5 minutes reading a blog post by some irrelevant mum of two who isn’t even famous. I can appreciate that. I for one would rather a video, at least then I don’t have to do anything the information just blares at my face and I can passively watch along.

Then there’s the post production on a blog post. Sitting down writing is never an issue for me. I never sit staring blank faced at the computer screen (unless it’s doing another bloody update) thankfully. No, I never seem to have any trouble in thinking up weird thoughts of all kinds and sharing them too! But the formatting and checking and Yoast and adding pictures and making a blog title picture all takes as long if not longer than writing a post, and sometimes it’s enough to put me off altogether.

Lastly it’s a matter of integrity. I’m spouting at you like you want to hear it! That’s easy, no chance of catching a wry smile or an uncomfortable shift of your position in response to what I am saying. Is that disingenuous? More egotistical I suppose? Surely it would be more beneficial if I at least had some kind of knowledge to share with the world, some sort of educated opinion on *something*.

Anyway if you were wondering where I have been blog-wise of late hopefully herein lays your answer. I wouldn’t expect anyone would have been wondering just as I would not notice if some other bloggers dropped off the face of the earth to be honest as us and our blogs are two-a-penny. No offense. There are certain ones I would notice to be fair. Unless of course you make it to super blogger status like Constance which is odd isn’t it how some blogs really explode like that. I love her stuff and I follow her but there are so many blogs out there that are so relatable and so well done too it does make me wonder what the trigger is for that kind of super celebrity within the blog world.

There are so many other things to be doing than blogging. It just never stops, the daily stuff. I try to remember how much I enjoy keeping up my blog because really it is my one and only passion outside of family life and it is important to me but I think something needs to shift. Maybe I just need to organise my time better. Who knows.

Do you ever lose zeal for a thing you once loved, or are there things you have let go of in the past that you wish you had kept up?

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Why I’m Losing Followers – and Why I’m Pleased About it.

Bloggers trade on their stats. As callous as that sounds, the truth is, wider audience = more paid gigs. Every Facebook post, or picture on Instagram, or blog post, is published with our reader in mind. Every blogger out there will tell you they want to be successful and most can tell you round about figures of their followers off the top of their heads. So why then am I happy to be losing followers? Because I remembered why I started blogging in the first place.

Business or Pleasure

None of us started our blog with business in mind. Most bloggers began keeping an online diary, an outlet for life with little ones that allows us to let off some steam. Some of us had a life changing experience that we wanted to share with others who may be going through the same thing, and some of us may have been reading parent blogs for a while, admiring them from a distance and thought ‘I want to do that too’. Every reason for starting a blog is valid and unique. Somewhere along the way we might get sidelined by our blog’s influence on google (Domain Authority) and stats but that original reason remains close to our heart.

My reason for my blog was to share my birth story. As I sat in hospital searching online for anyone who had been through a similar experience to me I realised I could contribute. By sharing my birth story I hope one day maybe another mum sitting alone on a post natal ward with her newborn in NICU having been through the most difficult and scary experience of her life might stumble across my story and derive some form of comfort or solidarity from it. Sharing my birth story publicly was a way of dealing with what I had been through too.

Actually my reason goes further back than that as I had been sitting on the idea of starting a blog for a good two years prior to my son’s birth. Essentially I just like writing, and a blog seemed the perfect place to indulge myself. Now I am a bone fide blogger I love everything about it, the writing, the community and finding little gems of other blogs of amazing writing to read.

In the Beginning

When my baby was 3 months old I took the plunge and signed up to WordPress. I decided I had googled ‘How to Start a Blog’ enough times and I had to virtually slap myself across the face and just do it. All was going well until I was faced with the name your blog page. Two hours later and a bit of a back and forth of ideas with my husband I typed in ‘The Hippy Christian Mum’. I wasn’t fully happy with the name but I was determined to be up and running by the next day.

The Hippy Christian Mum Header

Although I wasn’t entirely happy with the name it gave a good impression of what I would be writing about, what people could expect from my blog. Or so I thought. As I worked to grow my blog’s audience I started to feel like I wasn’t doing myself any favours with the name. From eating at McDonald’s (I can’t hide it) to being big on equal rights I discovered the things I write and post about probably don’t suit a lot of the people who might come across my blog.

It was when a person on my Facebook page put an angry face on a cute little video of a nursery in Sweden that purposefully doesn’t encourage gender roles that I knew I wasn’t presenting my blog in the way I would like. The connotations of the words ‘hippy’ and ‘Christian’ are so open to interpretation that it wasn’t a fair representation of my blog.

Choosing a Blog Name…Again

I’d wanted to change the name of my blog for a while but I didn’t know what to change it to. In the end I decided to use some form of my real name to cover a broad range of ideas and topics and to stay true to me. Can’t get any more ‘me’ than my real name! I felt a bit of a fraud under The Hippy part of The Hippy Christian Mum but my name is just me. Also, in the long run I think it gives my blog the space to morph and change as I do and that is a great feeling.

I lost likes on my Facebook page on the day I re-branded and at first I felt a bit rejected but then I was genuinely pleased. It meant my reasons for re-branding were good. People who felt my blog is not for them quietly left and there is so much room for those who feel connected to my posts. I still feel like a bit of a hippy, I’m still fully Christian but I feel like I’ve shed those assumptions my old blog name carried.

Stay true to yourself – McDonald’s eating and all –and you’ll attract the right crowd; in real life and online too. 🙂

Welcome to!

Exciting Times!

I have re-branded, The Hippy Christian Mum will thus forth be known as Kate
I have been questioning the name The Hippy Christian Mum for a good long while [time for change post] and been back and forth over the decision to change. Well finally at the end of July I got the shove I needed and voila here is!

But Why?

As my blog gains momentum and I’m on social media daily for my blog [1st year stats post] I came to the conclusion I am not adequately serving either of my current 2 main audiences. Basically if you’re searching for a blog about natural parenting and eco-friendly ideas my blog is only covering the tippy top of the ice-berg. Similarly if you are looking for a Christian blog to read about faith and spirituality you might leave mine feeling a bit non-plussed. And I won’t stand for non-plussed! I want you to read my blog and feel connected, identified, and like you’re not the only fish in the barrel swimming in that direction!

What’s New? will still have posts about being a Christian Mum raising a family and thinking on the green side when it comes to fair trade and thoughtful shopping [Uncommon Goods] along with the usual opinion pieces I can’t help but flatter my ego with thinking that people want to read [Zombies]. I am still the only contributor, writing, posting and vlogging about being a mum, family life, blogging, reviews, relationships, baby-wearing, church, parenting, extended breastfeeding, feeling included, education and Anne Summers parties.

Why the name Kate Lili?

The idea behind the name change is to more accurately portray what my blog is about. That is why I went with my name so that I can keep the topics wide open. I also wanted something that doesn’t make me cringe every time I type it out! Still a mummy blog, still me.

Still Me

When I began blogging, I wanted to get my birth story [Breech Birth] out there for other women to read who may have had a similar experience so they could feel less alone. I still want my blog to be a place where people come and feel less alone. I want you to read the posts on and know you’re not the only one who thinks that way. Whether the post is about a difficult day as a mum [Silent Reflux] or being allowed to be bit of a hippie without feeling a fraud, or being a Christian who swears and supports Pride and doesn’t have a problem with it. Whatever it is, I want to welcome you into my thoughts and ideas and have you say “Yeah, I totally get that too!”

I feel so mushy when I think of all the support I’ve had starting this blog I want to say a quick thanks to the people who choose to lift me up and also the critics who push me on, other bloggers I read who are rocking it and close friends who support me virtually and in real life. Money can’t buy it. The little likes and re-tweets are a wave that say chin-up Kate, keep going. Thanks! 

Time for Change?

I’m not much of a hippy. I’m an impostor. In fact I kind of feel a bit rude borrowing the name from the real hippies out there making a change for the good in the world while I still shop at places so cheap their production practises are probably questionable. I have sort of covered why I chose the name The Hippy Christian Mum in my blog post and my About Me page. It was to do with certain personal  parenting choices I have made like home birthing, longer breastfeeding and baby-wearing. But I’m a luke-warm hippy at best. No more or less a hippy than most people really.  I love the idea of not flushing chemicals out into the waste system but at the same time I really just want to clean my loo.



So although I’ve never claimed to be an all out activist I do wonder if my blog name is right overall. I really do not want to mis-lead. I also do not entirely fit into the Christian blogger groups as my posts are never super spiritual. I never meant for them to be, and that’s OK with me.  This was always a mummy blog and that’s what I want it to be. I’m secure about my faith so I don’t mind being a bit off the beaten track with that.  I enjoy reading those posts too.

So either I don’t really fit anywhere or I’m a blogging genius and I’ve created my very own super niche. Which is more likely I wonder? Does the name just exclude me from both groups, just frittering on the outskirts of all of them?  I certainly do connect with and enjoy reading other hippy type blogs. And with the name The Hippy Christian Mum I could be more likely to be approached by companies who are thoughtful about their environmental impact. That would be right up my street because I think that’s really commendable. The idea of a complete re-brand seems daunting, and restarting at a DA of 0, but the general advice seems to be if you are thinking of doing it to do it earlier rather than later.


Maybe I’m experiencing some sort of blogger nerves as my blog approaches it’s 1st year anniversary (May 27th if you’re wondering). I am actually a lot more excited about that than I thought I would be. I cannot help but compare my blog to others that have been going about the same length of time. Usually I fall short but then I remember how much I love blogging and I suppose that can’t be measured in page views. (That’s not to say people with high numbers don’t do it because they love it too!)

I go from buzzing with ideas about really driving my blog to days where I feel silly for even thinking like that. I wonder if The Hippy Christian Mum really just sounds quite condescending. The original thought behind it was to juxtapose two terms-even though they actually go well together when you think about it.

Maybe if I’m happy just pootling along then there’s no need to change the name but if I look to the long term and hope to forward it then perhaps a change would be good?

The only thing is I just got some business cards made up.

What do you think? Have you ever changed the name of your blog before? Was it easy and are you glad you did it? Did you get 1st anniversary nerves? Or is that just me?! Would you change the name of your blog?



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