My First Blog Conference – Blogtacular

I’m going to London this weekend. Ooh just writing that down made my belly do a mini flip with excitement! I will be in London ready to attend Blogtacular on Sat June 16th. On my own, with no kids, like proper on my own. Eeek! I’m excited and nervous  all at the same time.

Online Creators

I booked my ticket way back in January. I think it was even on New Years Eve I booked it, which would make total sense because I always get the London itch when I watch the New Years Eve fireworks. It’s such an exciting place and I feel like it’s within touching distance of me here in South Wales yet I can’t remember the last time I visited. One of my 2018 blog goals was to go to a conference. There are a couple to choose from but Blogtacular really caught my eye, marketed as a conference for ‘online creators’. That covers a lot of different creative people and I want to meet them! It’s not just for for bloggers but for anyone who creates content for an online space. There are indie business owners going,craft bloggers, fashion bloggers, sewing bloggers,and all kinds of people.


Photographs © Will Ireland, Piers McDonald & Kat Molesworth for Blogtacular


There are two keynote speakers and lots of workshops throughout the day. Some of the workshops I’m particularly interested in are about podcasting and how to write a good blog post. But there are workshops about SEO (search engine optimisation), photography and marketing. I think it will be really difficult to choose which workshops to do.

I’ve heard the food is amazing and the goody bags are great too. Overall though the general consensus is that the atmosphere is really friendly and there seems to be a lot of other people attending by themselves as well – not just me! There are fringe events to attend on the Friday before, a photo walk around London which I’m really looking forward to and then a meal arranged in the evening with some fellow attendees. I just hope I can find my way around O.K.

Going Solo

I’m generally alright going places on my own. My run-away thoughts are rarely quiet long enough for me to have time to feel out of place, and I usually find chatting to strangers quite easy to be honest. I find forced conversation hard, those situations where you feel required to say something *shiver*. This is a full day conference, and it really is a full-on day 8.30am – 6pm so I know there are going to be plenty of breaks and I can just imagine sitting there eating lunch by myself like a lone ranger feeling really anxious. I am a bit worried about that to be honest but I am stepping out of my comfort zone and let’s see if something great happens. Hoping I get to meet lots people and who love blogging as much as me.

Sleeping Alone – Bliss

I’m looking forward to spending a day with other bloggers and creators and hearing about their businesses and getting inspired. I’m looking forward to just being in London, and being on my own. Like proper on my own. I’m looking forward to cwtching up in a big hotel bed to myself and sleeping all night long but I do wonder if the reality of that will be a bit lonely rather then fun. We will soon see.

Blogtacular tickets are almost sold out but if you want to get one of the last 20 available tickets be quick and order through my link. It won’t cost you anything more but I will get something back for it. Blogtacular tickets

So wish me luck and come and say hello if you’re going too!

I might get to connect with some brands while I’m there too. Check out which brands I have been working with in this post.

Blog Update – Who I’m working with.

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog and I think the universe has been signposting me back to it. I randomly bumped into another local mummy blogger at my son’s swimming lesson this week – more on that in a minute – and I have had work offers drop into my inbox, two things that rarely happen. For them both to happen in one week, well I’m taking it as a kick up the bum to sit down and write something.

So, while I was resting my sore muscles in a lovely bubble bath, admiring how fluffy the bubbles were, the gentle smell of lavender wafting under my nostrils, accented by an underlying yet distinct smell of my husband’s faeces, I was inspired to write a little update. Things that have been going on in my personal life and in my blog life.

Blog Stuff

The blog has been stagnant for nearly 2 months. This is really unusual for me; I just haven’t been inspired to write anything. I’m still hanging out on social (mostly Instagram lately) and keeping up with all my favourite accounts and posting updates on my channels too. I have posted a couple of vlogs on my YouTube channel in that time, one of the Easter holidays break when Rapunzel came to our house for my daughter’s birthday and one of our family holiday to Spain (check out my 2-year-old chilling with his feet up on the plane!).

Kate Lili Blog

Me and Rich in Spain

Who I’m Working With

I have linked up with Ace cleaning for a second time which I’m really pleased about because I genuinely love their cleaning stuff and they sent me a bottle of their multi-purpose spray which smells lush. I have some snacks on the way from Organix to try and this really cute family in New Zealand who run Lily Bee wraps kindly sent me some reusable food wraps to try. They are coated in bee’s wax and they mould around food and containers so well, a fab alternative to one use plastic clingfilm.

This week I’m co-hosting the bloggers linky KCACOLS which stands for Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday. I love this linky it is definitely my favourite, hosted and run by A Moment With Franca; I’ve hosted it once before and loved it. Franca gives me two juicy back links and I get to discover lots of new blogs I might not have read otherwise. Lastly but not leastly, I also have a Lottie Dolls Insta take over coming up next week. I’ve never done an Insta takeover before so wish me luck!

What I’m watching

Westworld is absolutely my most favourite TV programme ever made. It’s got it all for me, AI, alternate reality, futuristic, amazing score, all wrapped up in a strong female lead. Love. It. On Netflix Rich and I have got into Happy which is about this hard nut fella who can see his daughter’s imaginary friend. There is a lot of fighting, and there are scenes about kidnap of children which is difficult to watch and very tense but overall it’s so well done I’m really enjoying it. Then when I’m downstairs first from kids’ bedtimes or waiting for him to finish puffing his electric fag in the kitchen I’ve been watching bare knuckle fighting uk. It’s great because they’ve followed one particular guy and we’re getting a bit of an insight into him and his life and past experiences. Have you found anything good on Netflix lately? Suggestions welcome in the comments.  I am also totally addicted to the Michalaks on YouTube (standard) and I’ve reignited my Daily Bumps guilty pleasure. Who am I kidding it never went away. I love Daily Bumps!

What I’m Reading

Not a lot lately as it goes although I did have a little nosey at Helen’s blog Welsh Mum Writing. Helen is the mummy blogger I met at swimming lessons. We had a lovely convo in the showers while simultaneously wrestling our toddlers, as you do as a mum, and as soon I got home I had a little trawl through her blog. Go check it out for a kid friendly chilli recipe among other things.

Who I’m Admiring

Kate Middleton has faced a lot of flack in the media after her recent post birth pics. She can’t do right for doing wrong (is that a Welshim? I know what I mean anyway). I’m admiring her because she probably knew she would face criticism in some way or another but she still had those pics taken with the baby right after because it’s a tradition and there’s something nice about that. I know after having prince George she wore a very similar dress to one Diana wore after having one of her boys. I think honouring family traditions is really admirable. I couldn’t imagine being obligated to share those precious first moments with the whole world. Kudos to her.

Personal Life

I’ve been OBSESSED with my own health this week. I started a new fitness programme called 80 day obsession. It’s through BeachBody UK. I’ve paid less than £10 a month and I get workouts I can stream on my iPad (which I won – check out my insta for more info on that) and do them at home. It includes timed nutrition and so most of my free time has been spent meal planning.

Disney On Ice

Disney On Ice

One nice treat this week was Disney On Ice at Cardiff Motorpoint arena. I had booked tickets for this months ago and managed to keep it quiet so it was a total surprise for my 8 year old daughter on the day. We went on the Sunday night which was the last date in Cardiff I think. The show was fantastic! Amazing costumes and choreography and some brilliant lifts and jumps it was really awe inspiring. I would definitely recommend going if you were thinking about getting tickets.

Looking Forward

I have Blogtacular coming up in June in London. Give me a wave in the comments if you are going to Blogtacular too! It’s my first blog conference and my first night away from my 2yr/old also. After months of umming and ahhing I eventually booked a hotel in London for the night before. I think it will be so strange staying in a hotel by myself. I am hoping to join in with some of the planned activities taking place in the afternoon before the conference, and hopefully meet some other bloggers too. Blogtacular welcomes business owners and creators and crafters too so I am really looking forward to seeing what stuff they make and just chatting creativity all weekend. Oh, and don’t forget the SEO & marketing chat too – equally essential.


Let me know some of the projects you are working on or things you have coming up that you are looking forward to. I really would love to read about it. Did you see Disney on Ice this year – World of Enchantment?