Feeling Connected

Feeling Connected has always been important to me, I can trace it right back to the environment club I started in primary school. As an adult I’ve learned that across the board, an individual’s feeling of interconnection with other people is of great significance, either way, whether they feel connected or not. Certainly all the mushy Christmas films are about connection aren’t they!

I believe this inbuilt desire is God’s plan for the world, hence the construct of church (or Ekklesia if I am using new knowledge I learned from my Pastor) but even if the idea of God having a plan doesn’t hold with you, you can also clearly see the same idea woven through psychology theory. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs instantly comes to mind. You can see in every section there is something relating to connecting with others, or community.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs

This is my favourite one though:

Maslow's hierarchy of needs WIFI

But this isn’t a psychology lesson, just an intro to go some way to explain why we all long to belong. I tried to pretend I didn’t for some years, thankfully through my marriage and just getting older, I began to understand interconnection was what was missing from my life and now I endeavour at every opportunity to become part of a community. Sometimes I’m a bit crap at it.

My family is the first and foremost group I am interconnected in. Me and Rich are really focused on creating a little nest where we are all allowed to be ourselves however that translates. Us humans are complex and individual creatures and this means there can be many barriers to interconnectedness and feeling ashamed or guilted is right up there.

My church is the first community group I am a part of. We all get together on Sundays and sing songs to Jesus. We really do, and it’s actually quite important to me. Church though really should be more and is also about being part of the wider church across the world. Although I have seen potential new mum friends instantly shut down when I say I’m a Christian or that I go to church, when I see the charity work being done in the name of Christmas across the globe I know I’m in the right club.

Mummy friends are definitely another very important community to me. From being able to post on the local La Leche League page for breastfeeding advice to sharing my insecurities as a mum in a private mum group to meeting other mums and carers at toddler groups and having half of a conversation, it is really a hugely important part of my life.

That brings me to blogging. Sometimes it feels like smoke and mirrors, there are lots of us online, all doing the same thing – promoting our blogs – but real life meet ups are few and far between. I have never really made firm friends with any other bloggers online although I do recognise a lot of them now from seeing each other so much participating in the blogging groups. It’s like an eternal bus stop. You kind of pass each other every single day. But there is a lot to be said for being part of this online community, if I ever needed some advice on blogging I’m pretty sure I’d know where to go.

So yeah, there’s some ramblings about being part of a community. Hopefully it’s got you thinking about all the places you are connected to, or if you don’t feel part of a community maybe helped you consider where you could be?

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday