Jurassic Kingdom-Bute Park Cardiff

We were kindly invited along to the press day at Jurassic Kingdom in Bute Park, Cardiff for a preview of the event. Off we set with every weather eventuality covered, wearing wellies and macs but with sun-cream in the backpack (and yes I used both, as is usual for South Wales really).

My little boy had dinosaurs on his coat and wellies which wasn’t intentional they are just everywhere when it comes to things for little boys. I parked in the long car park off North Road and Jurassic Kingdom was easy to find as we walked into the park.

There is no mistaking where the event is as you are greeted by an enormous T-Rex as you approach. It roars and moves, much to my kids’ delight. My little boy stopped to shout ‘Dinosaur, roar.’ at the top of his voice and off we went in.

Jurassic Kingdom T-Rex


The food stalls were not open today and the teams were still setting up ready for opening day tomorrow (Saturday 11th August 2018). The dinosaurs roars were really loud. Some were not yet switched on. We were happy to creep past a few silent ones.

The models are really very impressive. Close up you can see that no detail has been missed and they look as if they could be alive. My 2yr/o would agree I think as he got a little bit frightened at some of them. They move and roar. Some are set up into scenes like two raptors attacking a brontosaurus and one where a t-rex and another raptor were in a stand off as if about to fight (this one seemed particularly loud). One of my favourites was two raptors in a cage with their heads poking through the bent bars. It looked like a scene from the Jurassic World movie. I kept my eyes out for Chris Pratt just in case.

jurassic kingdom brontosaurus

There were so many different dinosaurs to see from all across different time periods I’m sure if you have a little dino buff they will be able to meet their favourite dinosaur here. I even spotted a couple of sea dinosaurs.

The stars of the show were the gigantic models. Of these we saw the T-Rex as we entered, a diplodocus, a brachiosaurus and a brontosaurus. They are absolutely huge! The size of them made it easier to imagine a time when they were around. There is an area at the back where there are some amazing looking trees and alongside the dinosaurs it does feel as if you are exploring through a Jurassic world.

Jurassic Kingdom

Jurassic Kingdom Cardiff

The models have added little features. Some of their eyes open and close while they move and some of them look to be breathing too. I imagine it will be quite exciting when it’s all fully open as lots of people walk past the models all at the same time it will sound amazing.

Although I didn’t see it, some other bloggers found a sand pit for little ones where they can excavate dinosaur bones and we found a shell the kids could sit in. Overall a great day out and something unique that the kids will remember for a long time to come.

It is a touring exhibition so don’t miss out!

Open August 11th-August 27th 2018 in Bute Park, Cardiff. Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Adult ticket is £13 on the gate or £11.50 if you book in advance online. 2’s and under 2 go free. Children from age 3 tickets cost £11 at the gate or £9.50 when booked in advance online. You can currently use the code EARLYBIRD to get 20% off tickets. More info here: http://www.jurassickingdom.uk/cardiff/