Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I didn’t get my act together in time to make a sponsored gift guide for Mother’s Day this year (March 11th 2018 if you were wondering). These are all the things I myself would love to receive for Mother’s Day. It’s basically an elaborate post it note to my husband Richard. This is what I like (insert big flashy arrow here). I’ve already scored a couple of hours for an afternoon tea with my 7yr/o which I planned, shopped for, and booked myself and I am really looking forward to. Of course no material thing compares to the love and adoration of my wonderful angelic children and perfect husband, but here are a few things you (YOU RICH) could buy me just to say ‘we might not say it a lot, but you’re totally bossing this whole mum thing’. 😉

  1. Benefit roller lash mascara.

I’ve been binge watching Jeffree Star videos lately (girrrl) and he is living and dying for this mascara so now I want it too.

2. A cutsie or funny travel mug.

Not that I’m ever that sort of organised mum who thinks far enough ahead to have a coffee prepped in a stylish to-go reusable coffee mug but I would like to have one on the side that looks pretty so I can pretend I am. I love this one from ‘Be.’ but I think they’re in Australia, and I haven’t checked their shipping.

mum fuel travel mug

Photo credit: Be. living and homeware website.

3. A pretty spring scarf.

Anything sort of light and airy. This is one he might not think of because I don’t wear them often but they’re great to chuck on and I feel like they disguise my belly a bit. They are also oh-so-feminine so that’s nice too. This one is £25 from Monsoon.


photo credit: Monsoon website

4. A cake stand

I saw some lovely ones in Tesco but now I’m totally lusting after this wedgwood one with a gold trim. It’s my daughter’s birthday in March and we are having a princess afternoon tea so this present is *essential*. While there, just as well get some lovely little cake plates from John Lewis to go with it really.

cake plates

Photo credit: John Lewis website

5. Basically anything from the Lush shop


If all else fails a big bunch of bright flowers from Morrisons will do the trick lovely. Or you can order from Prestige Flowers. Don’t give me chocolate (I’m on a diet, obvs) or wine because I don’t really like it & I’m happy to just drink your gin, or vouchers (totally not thoughtful and lazy). Oh unless it’s make up vouchers and a lot of them for posh make up then I can completely understand.




Mother's Day Gift Ideas



Personal Christmas Gifts with Etsy

So Etsy tasked me with putting together a Christmas gift guide that is personal to me. Etsy is one of my favourite places to shop anyway so I thought I’d have a nosey at what they have for Christmas. You know when you’re out shopping and pick something up and go ‘Oh …….. would love that!’ and put it back on the shelf? Well that’s what I’m doing here really. To give it a fun twist I thought I’d name and shame too. So let’s see how this goes!

*All links are affiliate links. 

  1. This mug for my friend’s husband Jason who has had pics of him napping posted to Facebook which makes me laugh. £9.00

Etsy UK

nap king mug


  1. This wooden watch stand from Welsh company MijMoj for my husband Rich to support is ever burgeoning watch collection as the single one I got him for Father’s Day just won’t do. £65.00

Etsy UK 


  1. This tongue in cheek gardening wall plaque for my mum Elaine who volunteers at a community garden and has found her happy place. £11.95

Etsy UK


  1. This lovely lip balm set for my neighbour Ali. Whenever I’m round her house I seem to find a glass of prosecco in my hand and I couldn’t love her more for it! £6.50

Etsy UK

  1. This is for my friend’s husband Matt who rocks out at church on his guitar but is a stand up Christian guy, obvs. £30.00

Etsy UK


  1. This for my friend Vanessa as she is a baking Queen and deserves something nice for putting up with her husband posting vids of her sleeping on facebook. £22.00

Etsy UK 


  1. This for my friends Luke and Emma who are tying the knot next year and we all can’t wait! £5.00

Etsy UK


  1. Finally this mug for me because most days it’s true! £13.00

Etsy UK 



What do you think of my picks? Let me know which ones you like. How’s your Christmas shopping going?