Free Range Muddy Play

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Children learn through play. They use their imaginations, flex their creativity and play alongside others. Toddlers begin to practise social skills and older children develop their intellect as they explore new concepts and ideas.

I can see my children developing through the various ways they play. Still I have to practise biting my lip. “The kids are playing in the mud and everything is fine” is not a phrase you might hear around our house. More often than not if either of my children find themselves engaged in a game that looks as if it could get messy my first thoughts are not centred upon the amazing benefits of play.

So with the motto ‘Remove the stains, keep the memories’ ACE cleaning products are big supporters of kids’ messy play.  As the warmer weather comes there will be more opportunity to play outside, and I am getting better and better at encouraging no limits free-range play. We have done a lot of rainy walks stomping in all the puddles and squishing in mud and although it creates a bit more laundry it’s definitely worth it to see the satisfaction on my daughter’s face as her wellies make squelch noises in the mud!



I was so pleased to receive some products from ACE laundry care in the post to try. They have a whole range of useful cleaning products. I really like ACE for Colours stain remover. It’s really easy to use and effective. You just add a cap full straight to the load in the drum and wash straight away.

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My baby boy is crawling about and getting into everything. Anything his older sister is doing he wants to be a part of. So when we were out in the garden last week planting seeds and watering the lawn of course he wanted to join in. He got soaking wet and his clothes were stinking too. I was surprised how mucky he got! Straight in the bath for him and his muddy trousers were hung over a door until I had time to deal with them. Luckily the ACE for Colours laundry cleaner even got out the dried in mud which I was quite impressed with and I’ve since tried it on other brown stains shall we say and it worked a treat on those too. I’ve always bought cheap baby gro’s in case they had to be thrown out after a leak but now I always wash them through with the ACE for Colours stain remover; because it is gentle enough to be used on silk, wool and cashmere I feel OK using it on Beb’s clothes.ACE cleaner

Laundry is not important is it, but it’s great to not worry at all about wrecked clothes. I’ve also been trying ACE toilet gel and ACE multi-purpose spray. The multi-purpose spray also doubles up as a spot stain pre-treat for clothes which I thought was really handy.

You can download some free alternative milestone cards on their website – worth a look. There’s a stain helper on their website too which is like a menu with tips on loads of different stains like sun cream (avoid that yellow neckline on kids t-shirts) and grass. And there’s also some information about ACE’s commitment to sustainability. Thumbs up for that. You will see ACE cleaning products and laundry care products in all the big supermarkets. Let me know if you try some!


*This is a sponsored post which means I received payment and some ACE products for this post.

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