Notre Dame & Grenfell

If it took billionaires throwing cash at Notre Dame for you to realise what a fucked up world we live in then where have you been?

The fact that nobody in power did anything substantial about Grenfell was a tragedy whether Notre Dame burned down or not. It was a tragedy before it happened. People being told to stay in their flats until they were rescued as part of an emergency plan? Unsuitable insulation which escalated the fire even more quickly than if they’d built it properly? Do you think Teresa May or anyone with any power in this country would be living somewhere like that? Do you think the people that died in Grenfell were worth less because they weren’t politicians?

They have us hoodwinked. While we have been sharing meme’s on facebook about trading laws and fishing rights families are being made homeless.

While we all bravely share sad videos of homeless people being given a bag of clothes by some everyday hero MORE people are being made homeless. And nobody but charity organisations seem to be doing anything about it.

On my feed today, a woman posted in a blogger group. ‘I’m sorry I know this is off topic’ she said ‘…but my family and I are about to be made homeless and I’m just trying everything I can’. On the precipice of total decimation of everything she knows as her family life desperately posting to try to reach somebody who may be able to help her, her husband and their 7 children. Her post described how after 16 years of living in their current rented home, their landlord has given them 4 weeks to find somewhere else to live. More than that they were only one family of many facing this life crushing circumstance. Their landlord being in control of many properties deciding to re-purpose their estates. ‘They’ve left those with kids until last’ she said.

Like what the fuck. What the fuck.

Read on to the comments to see there are at least 2 more women who have personal experience of this happening to them also. Trying to share their limited knowledge of the law and their rights, knowledge that they had to learn sharpish when they were in the same situation. Because nobody would help them. You may think if you were about to be made homeless the council would do something about it. But they won’t.

People are suffering. Government does not care.

Notre Dame was sad. You and I and the people of Paris singing and anyone else who felt saddened watching that beautiful structure burn are allowed that emotion. It was not wrong or privileged to have an emotional response to it.

Grenfell was an absolutely abhorrent disaster that should never have happened.

Two separate things. Two absolutely separate things that cannot be placed side by side.

Billionaires have been wandering around throwing money at stuff for years and no-one has given the slightest fuck. We cannot control what billionaires spend their money on. If they want to buy Notre Dame new windows they will do so. And as Utopian a world it would be if we were able to distribute wealth fairly, it’s never going to happen. There will always be rich people.

We are living in a U.K. where charities and voluntary organisations are picking up the slack and our leaders are O.K. with that. Funding is being pulled like a rug out from under the feet of these organisations all the time and seems to go under the radar.

What is the answer? I don’t know. But I do know it’s not in getting angry at multi billionaires on social media. I do know we won’t find the answer in meme’s that compare the loss of life at Grenfell to the fire at Notre Dame.

Getting angry that some people are rich is pretty pointless. Rage that families are made homeless like it’s a nothing matter. Rage at the media bringing you more Brexit news while children eat from food banks. Rage that somehow we’ve allowed a generation of people to suffer the negative consequences of an outstandingly bad decision made by their predecessors.

Rage, but not at the rich people. They don’t give a shit.