Travel wish-list for a mum and daughter break.

When I was pregnant with my brown-eyed-girl, Beg, I prayed over her a lot, as I did with my son too. One of the things that I found I regularly prayed for her was that she would get to travel, and that she would have the freedom to travel safely. Now she’s a bit bigger and full of wonder at the world there are so many things I’d love to show her and to experience with her. We’ve taken her on a few holidays and she is an amazing traveller. So here is a list of places I’d like us to see together or things I’d like us to do together.

10 places to visit

1. Hawaii

Hawaii has always been in my top 5 of dream destinations anyway, but I especially would love to see Beg’s face when we’re given a flower garland when we get to our hotel. I’d also love to go to a traditional Haitian themed night with dancing and fire breathing. A trip to see a volcano would be pretty awesome too. Obviously now Moana has shown us a little of Island life so my daughter will have an idea of what to look forward to.

10 places to visit

2. Iceland

Hotels made entirely of ice and hot springs to bathe in and only about a 2 hour flight.The northern lights would be an added bonus. I’d like to take her in their summer when it is light for almost a full 24hrs.

10 places I'd like to visit

3. Amsterdam

We can fly to Amsterdam in an hour from Bristol. One Hour! I feel silly that I’ve never been! I want to go in Autumn and hire bikes to cycle some of the canals together. Oh and buy a Hygge candle each before we leave. Staying well clear of the red light district though eh.

10 places I'd like to visit

4. Japan

I just want to show her the crowds of people. I’ve seen pics of those giant zebra crossings and I’d like to go. We will have to go in summer to see the cherry blossom trees, eat fish or dumplings at a street stall and see all the different girls fashions. Beg would absolutely *love* all the fashions.

10 places I'd like to visit

5. Skiing

This is a cheat one because it would be better with all of us. I think my whole family would enjoy a skiing holiday but perhaps when my little boy is older and can join in too. All kids love snow!

Sea Turtle

6. Greece

Specifically Zakynthos. I went there on a holiday with a friend when I was 19 and I was bowled over by the natural beauty. We went on an excursion and saw dolphins swimming alongside the boat. The sea is so clear and you can go across to Kefalonia for a day trip which is the setting of one of my favourite books ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ If we go in September we might spot some turtles too.

10 Places I'd like to visit

7. Pompeii

This is a selfish one, I just want to go to see it. I’ve heard you can take a train from Sorrento which looks beautiful. Exploring around the hilly streets of Sorrento enjoying gelato, pizza, and coffee just sounds lush.

10 places I'd like to visit

8. Barcelona

A couple I met in Spain when I was working as a rep were singing the praises of Barcelona. I’ve looked it up since and it seems to be a real centre of culture and art. I’d love to take my daughter to show her the famous architecture. I actually found a stunning air bnb there during one of my fantasy travel planning sessions. It was an apartment that was in a a period building right across from the sagrada familiar, the famous church designed by Gaudi. It was all high ceilings, old furniture and house plants. I heart Air bnb.

Travel mum and daughter

9. Stockholm

Did you know that Stockholm is built on 14 islands? How cool is that! We can have Fika and eat meatballs, take in some culture, and see what it feels like to be in a city that genuinely welcomes families. The bus is free if you are travelling with a buggy! 

I love looking online at possible dream travel destinations. Air bnb really have some unique places available to rent. This post is not sponsored at all I just really enjoy imagining all the places we can visit. I took my daughter to Paris in summer to show her the Eiffel Tower. She has it on a canvas in her bedroom and I hope the trip has inspired her to think these places are at her fingertips not just on posters. Have you been to any of these places? What did you think? 

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